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Working with Desert Business Brokers turned out great for us. We wanted to close on a business quickly after moving to the Phoenix area and they were professional, efficient, and effective. Closing was not as clean as those kinds of things rarely are and it was nice to have someone who was attentive to moving to close along. Valori's professional communication helped our buying process for sure and without it, there's a good possibility we would not have been provided this opportunity.

It's been a few months now and we're still in contact with Valori as she continues to follow up. We like that she's personable and professional.

We recommend Desert Business Brokers and will do business with them again in the future.

Thank you

Owner, Cookies N Clean
Jim Smith
Posted By: Jim Smith
We have used Desert Business Brokers for several transactions over the last 6 years and are extremely satisfied and thankful to have met such an amazing team! We have successfully completed several transactions and could not imagine buying or selling a business without a broker. It is extra special to have an experienced highly qualified team 100 steps ahead of you when you are completing a business transaction! Thank you for all that you do for us!

General Manager, Team Gama
Frank Gaucin
Posted By: Frank Gaucin
It has been an honor to work with Desert Business Brokers over the last 10+ years. I have used their broker services for 4+ transactions. They are super easy to work with and have knowledge about buying and selling businesses. They work seamlessly with the seller and the buyer. Highly recommend using them if you are looking to sell or buy a business.

Owner, Puff and Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting
Liz Illg
Posted By: Liz Illg
We had been in our search for a business to buy for several months and couldn’t come up with the right fit. After seeing an ad on BizBuySell listed by Desert Business Brokers, we reached out to Sheryl and Valori. They were very professional and took the time to explain things and although they were hired by the sellers, we felt that they were truly working in the best interest of everyone to come to a good deal. Sheryl quickly had a good read on what we were interested in and came up with the right business for us. These guys were truly a pleasure to work with and we would certainly reach out to Desert Business Brokers again when we’re in the market for our next adventure.

Buyer, Caveman Printing & Apparel
S & A Jones
Posted By: S. & A. Jones
It was a pleasure working with Valori. She worked diligently to provide information and answer all of our questions so that we could make an informed decision about the business we purchased. Although she represented the seller, Valori went to great lengths to make sure we, as buyers, were a good fit and were comfortable with our decision to purchase. Thank you, Valori!

Buyer, Jody’s Trucking
Jim and Mary Glew
Posted By: Jim & Mary Glew
I have been interested in buying a business for a very long time, but never had the know-how to execute and make it happen. I came upon Sheryl through a mutual friend and was impressed with her knowledge right-off-the-bat. What seemed to me a very time-intensive, complicated process was made incredibly simple by Sheryl. She always insisted that we take things one step at a time, to not get ahead of ourselves, and to trust the process. The larger picture was made very clear, but Sheryl excelled at handling the details as they came along. From researching what business was best for me, to handling the paperwork involved in making a purchase (which believe me, it was indeed far more complex than I anticipated), Sheryl guided me effortlessly.

It would have been an absolute nightmare doing this without Sheryl. I am extremely grateful for her help and I did in fact end up with a business that suited me perfectly. Thank you, Sheryl.
Posted By: Doug Gluth
I, Sam Kwon, highly recommend Valori and Sheryl at Desert Business Brokers because they sincerely care for their customers. Whenever I had a question or concern, they would immediately respond with answers and reassuring words about the selling of our business. Moreover, they couldn’t have made selling a business any easier and worked for our interests by ensuring we got the price we wanted for our business. I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication in taking care of us.
Posted By: Sam Kwon
What a wonderful experience to work with Valori and Sheryl from Desert Business Brokers. Listed my business with them and when a buyer was found, the selling of the business and the transfer was a breeze with the help of Desert Business Brokers. It seemed effortless as they walked me through the process, handled the paperwork involved in selling and transferring the business. If I ever have a business to sell again, I will be listing with them again. Thanks Valori and Sheryl, you are amazing.
Posted By: Leslie Bohi
Valori and her mother are some of the best business brokers I have ever worked with. Great communication and professionalism that deliver value on both buy and sell sides. I have bought and sold several companies with them. I highly recommend their services.

Julien Crisnaire
CEO, Madrey, Inc.
Posted By: Julien Crisnaire
I came to Valori and Sheryl after firing a broker that had one of my businesses on the market for about three months generating zero qualified purchase prospects or interest, for that matter.

I came to Valori and Sheryl on a Friday and made the following requests:

1. Sell the business in 30 days
2. Cash deal with 100% buyout

By the next Sunday, I was told we had interest already. The same was true for the next couple of weeks, with a few leads here and a few leads there. During this time, the commuincation between us was more than I could ask for. Constant updates and conversations to stratigize the sale as efficiently as possible.

About 6 weeks after I hired Valori and Sheryl, I received a phone call on a Friday from Valori expressing we have a potential buyer from out of state. That Monday we had a conference call. On Tuesday, the buyer flew in and made an offer. On Wednesday, I showed the business. Thursday, we were under contract and closed 3 weeks later. It could not have been a smoother process. They also fulfilled my initial requests of a quick sale and a 100% cash buy-out.

I will definitely use Valori and Sheryl for future business acquisitions and sales in the future.

Michael DiGangi
Founder/Owner, CoreOne Fitness & Wellness & Property Nine Development
Posted By: Michael DiGangi

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